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Barrett Petfood Innovations is growing at a rapid pace and has become a highly respected full-service super premium pet food manufacturing company since its founding by Mike Barrett. In recent years Mike’s children, Sarah and Tom, have taken over the organization but Mike is still involved through a different role. His farm is one of the main ingredient sources for the company.

BPI produces over 150 different types of pet food from dog, cat and bird food to more exotic items such as turtle, fish and primate food. The final products are distributed locally as well as exported around the world.Barrett-PF-Dec'14-079

Our Mission:

To be a national leader in extruded animal and pet food contract manufacturing solutions.

To meet the challenges of an ever-changing world market by seeking innovative new technologies both inside and outside of our organization.

To provide responsive, intelligent sales and manufacturing teams that are as knowledgeable about the needs of our customers as they are about our products.

To manufacture animal and pet foods that provide quality, value, and dependability.

To pursue all avenues that may enhance or improve the products of our customers.

To ensure a top-level of quality control for added peace of mind to our customers.

To build a solid, lasting relationship with you, our customer.


Meet Our Staff

  • Tom Barrett

    Partner / VP Business Development and Purchasing
    What is the best part of your job?  Building a business the right way and helping to build my client’s businesses while doing good for the pets we love!
    Do you have a pet?  Charlie the Chocolate Lab
    What makes BPI unique?  We take on the challenges that others stray away from and help customers that may not have the volume that other suppliers are looking for.
    What do you do in your free time? Spend time with my wife Kacee, son Theo and dog.  I also enjoy skiing, traveling, hunting and racing cars.
    Are you a city or country person?  City!

  • Sarah Barrett

    Partner / VP Operations / Head of Quality and Regulatory Affairs
    Barrett-PF-Dec'14-088What is the best part of your job?  Every day is a different task!
    Do you have a pet?  Our office cat Alfie strayed in December 2013 and I couldn’t say no!  I have a rescue dog, Surley.  I also have four horses – Willy (Clydesdale gelding), Hoppy (Clydesdale rescue – she had a horrible underbite and couldn’t graze and is on a special diet), Bugsey (22 year old Welsh pony) and Khemosie (14 year old Arabian). I also have Porky, my beloved rescued pig.
    What type of food would you like to make that you haven’t made yet?  We make some really unique foods already.  I hope we can make elephant or polar bear food someday.
    What makes BPI unique?  We cater to smaller family owned business and start-ups. I enjoy working with these types of companies because of their great attitudes. It’s personal to them just like their product is personal to us! I also think we are unique because we have a farming background. We constantly look to better ourselves or reinvent ourselves.
    What do you do in your free time? Restore old furniture, raise pheasants, spend time with my many farm animals, and go fishing with my husband Mike.
    Are you a city or country person?  Country!


Our Process


Why Co-Pack?

Cost Savings
Co-packing can deliver significant cost savings that can be leveraged through the application of business process improvement techniques to make internal processes more efficient.

Quantifiable Costs
The cost is clearly quantifiable and predictable whereas the internal costs of processing are often unknown and rarely monitored.

Freeing Capital
The capital investment required to process in-house is typically greater than required for co-packing. The capital freed up by co-packing can be invested more profitably elsewhere in the business.

Competitive Edge
Businesses which harness both internal and external resources are often better equipped to react to changing circumstances or to explore new market opportunities. Concentrating on core activities, they are usually more flexible and responsive, giving them a competitive edge.

Latest Technology and Expertise
Co-packing can also give organizations access to the best solutions and latest technology without the need for equipment upgrades or direct investment. More importantly, they gain access to processing specialists dedicated to ensuring they meet their statutory obligations.


Experts in Exporting


Barrett Petfood Innovations is a full-service provider for exporting. We take care of the paperwork and inspections for other countries. If you need assistance making connections for distribution into other countries we can help.


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Barrett Petfood Innovations (BPI)
1348 State Highway 25
Brainerd, MN 56401

Deliveries please call ahead to schedule an appointment

Phone: 800-422-5056
Email: contactus@barrettpetfood.com

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